Better for you

Distributions Caro offers biocompatible solutions that will contribute to better health and productivity.

Better for your equipment

Distributions Caro offers ecological cleaning products that have a much lower pH than traditional chemical products, thus greatly reducing the erosion on hard surfaces and equipment.

Better for the environment

Distributions Caro offers biodegradable cleaning and hygiene solutions that reduce your imprint on the environment.

More economical

Distributions Caro offers quality environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions that have a higher dilution rate than traditional products that can lead to savings of up to 35% on cleaning product costs while reducing the space required to store the product.

The green cleaning solutions available at Distributions Caro be included in your new cleaning procedure to create a cleaning program that can be economical and certified Green.

Your company can benefit from green cleaning advantages right away, why wait any longer?

A quick look at Green Cleaning

  • Sales of ecological products rose by over 300% in the 3rd quarter in 2008.
  • Studies clearly demonstrate that the use of green products quickly improves air quality in the workplace.
  • The use of green products contributes to sustainable development and reduces the imprint of industrial and commercial activities on our environment.

Do not hesitate any longer, get in touch with a Distributions Caro representative to discover all the advantages of green cleaning and the environmentally-friendly ecological products that are available.